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The hate in this world in unreal.
The more we talk about acceptance the more we hate people for there differences.
It’s doesn’t matter if you are black or white or even if you are anything else.
It’s sick when weight and height come into factor.
When a young girl or boy mainly hears laughter.
No one knows right or wrong because the lines blur.
We talk acceptance but not about the issue.
It’s not just about me or you.
We have all been there.
The bully and the bullied.
We have all hurt and abused.
No one is not to blame.
We can change and fight for our future.
We can look ahead and learn to not spread hate.
Wether she’s 16 with a baby or 30 it does not matter.
To hate on someone cause they dropped out or went to college it is still the same.
To say she fat or to skinny the world it’s the same.
They are words and words sometimes hurt more than punches.
You can lay a hand on someone or throw your words at them,
It does not matter.
You are still hurting them.
So think about it the next time you see someone’s difference.
Look at yourself and picture what you are going to say.
Picture it being said to you.
Does your heart hurt?
Thinking of that?
Those words?
We will never change until we picture ourselves.
Picture our scares on someone else.
Would you put your burden on someone else?
Make them carry your weight?
Wish your pain on someone else?
I don’t think so
So why add to there’s?
With hate crimes around and equality becoming a bigger and bigger issue
How can we look at each other?
When everyone is black and blue?
Young people are dying
People are fighting
People lay in hospital beds
And people have bruises on there fists
It’s human nature to fight
But why not fight for rights?
Clean hands.
Our children will look to us one day.
What do you want them to see?
I don’t want them to see hate
Or people fighting for there lives
Scares marking there faces
And there lovely hearts
Everyone is fighting
And it’s breaking our world apart
How can we fix things?
How can we make it right?
How can we do this without a fight?
Cause my hands are tired,
My heart is getting heavy,
And I’m sick of differences being bad
I don’t care if you are black, white, gay, straight, blue or even broken because I am to.
I am white.
I am straight.
I am broken.
I’ve been a bully
I’ve been bullied
Don’t think I’m not to blame
Cause I am
My hands are dirty and bruised.
So let’s straighten up
There is no reason to hate
Let’s heal our world
Before we lose ourselves

-Krystal Shillingford







This is rad

we need a superhero like one of these ladies

maybe another hawkeye??

i didn’t even notice until halfway down the post when i read the “being the teacher with the robot leg” sign that i realized everyone is missing a limb. Biomedical Engineers are really outdoing themselves and it’s both fantastic and sometimes even glamorous. 


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